Bio: I've been a targeted mom forever. My daughter was alienated from the time she came home from the hospital and my son severed his attachment when he was 13. Their father has the typical personality traits of an alienator. It was an abusive marriage, which left me disabled after a wonderful career. Then he took everything else, the money and the love from my kids. I have fought every corrupt and ineffective system in this county and even escalated to the state level everywhere I could. My ex. is sentenced to jail, pending noncompliance with family court orders. That is often not a good move, but he sabotages all efforts to get my kids the help they need, and he will never stop trying to hurt me through them. They are both deeply damaged. I help administer a number of support groups, fielding questions and concerns about family court, the DSM-V, and the cognitive, emotional and physical impact of parental alienation on children.

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